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Pregnancy Fitness Program

Pregnancy Fitness Program

Pregnancy Fitness Program


In this program, I’ve spent a long time working out the safest and most careful ways of exercising. I can’t begin to stress how important it is to exercise within the limits of safety when pregnant.

What you get: 

  • 18 Page e-Book
  • 7 Day Workout Guide
  • Top Tips to be Safe When Exercising while Pregnant
  • Pregnancy Safe Warm-Ups
  • Added Exercise Advice
  • 24/7 Access to the Hayley Sewell Fitness Community Group on Facebook

This program is set out over seven days, (starts on a Monday and ending on a Sunday). Each workout has four exercises plus warm-ups and optional cardio suggestions for finishers.

In Australia, it’s estimated that just 2.1% of woman are pregnant and when my husband and I were lucky enough to find out we were expecting a baby in our life, we soon after starting searching for any safety-conscious pregnancy programs. Based on our findings we found very little! With this in mind, I’ve spent many months perfecting my workouts and ensuring they’re as safe as possible while still keeping a base level of fitness, strength and stamina similar to what I had before falling pregnant.

For the exercises in this program, weights are rarely needed as this is mostly lightweight exercising. To increase difficulty or intensity you can include small free weights that are easily found in your local Kmart or Target. (Such as 1-5kg dumbbells, 1-2kg plates or an exercise ball).

Programs are transferred instantly upon purchase via email with a download link(s). Payment is a once-off fee. Prices are in AUD. 


All advice given in this program is suggestive and based on my own personal research and weight loss journey. Remember to always consult your doctor about any change in lifestyle, dietary requirements and exercise.