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Booty Band Package

Hayley Sewell Fitness Booty Band Resistance Bands

Booty Band Package


Highly requested from clients for many years, Hayley Sewell Fitness now brings you a Booty Band Package! 

This variety set of resistance bands is perfect for every girl to have in their fitness bag, the glovebox of your car or the top drawer of your kitchen. With FIVE DIFFERENT bands as part of the package, this set has you covered for whatever you're training at whatever skill level. 

Packaging includes: 

- Five Resistance Bands: 
1. X-Light Resistance/Thickness
2. Light Resistance/Thickness
3. Medium Resistance/Thickness
4. Heavy Resistance/Thickness
5. X-Heavy Resistance/Thickness
- Carry/Storage Pouch with Drawstring

This is a physical product, different to the fitness programs which requires shipping to an address. 

Use with resistance bands should be done with the approval of your doctor or personal trainer. Prices are advertised in AUD.