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Hello, my name is Hayley, I am 24 years old and living in Australia on the sunny Gold Coast. My fitness journey started in 2015 when I lost 30kg, in 7 months coming down from my heaviest of 83kg to my lowest weight of 53kg.

How did this all start? My partner and I moved in together at age 18 and at the same time we became very comfortable. So comfortable that my diet consisted of anything and everything. We ate massive meals every day, all week including snacks, desserts and all sorts of junk food. In total, I gained about 30kg in 12 months without even realising. 

At the beginning of 2015 my partner proposed and this was also the turning point for me. I knew that if we were getting married, I couldn’t look back on my photos and dislike the way I looked because I wasn’t happy with my appearance.

With only 7 months until my wedding, dress fittings scheduled and the ‘big day’ looming closer and closer, I stopped everything I had previously tried and started from scratch. I did weeks of research and trialing until finally I had a collection of workouts and meals that worked for me and produced REAL results.

Using these methods, I lost a total of 30kg over 7 months before my wedding. I went from 83kg down to 53kg and a size 14 AU to a size 6 AU. Each month I tweaked, altered and perfected each workout to get the best efficiency and the safest form.

Since then, I have lost significant weight two more times. In 2017, I had my first son, where I had gained 15kg by the end of my pregnancy. After losing this and getting back to a level where I was happy with my body, I had my second son in 2019. Again, I gained 15kg during this pregnancy and have since spent many months working hard on my fitness, nutrition and now finally, my most efficient fitness program ever.

Fitness, nutrition and social media have become my life and I am constantly working hard to provide the very best fitness programs for clients to help them lose weight, tone up and slim down. My programs take you through weekly exercise routines and also ongoing recipes for clean and healthy eating.

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