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Self-Love and Confidence

Hello and thank you for reading!

No matter what size you are, no matter what the scales say if you’re happy then you are gorgeous! Your weight does not define who you are it’s what is on the inside that counts the most. As a woman I know how hard it is to be confident all the time, we don’t have it easy. We are constantly competing with other women and want to be anybody but ourselves. We look at magazine covers and automatically feel like we aren’t good enough because of the stereotypical women that are on the front of them.

We’ve been taught that in order to be beautiful we must starve ourselves so we have flat stomachs. THAT IS NOT TRUE! On our periods we bloat, after a meal we bloat - who cares! If you’re happy with your body, if your partner is happy with your body, if you’re confident then girl, rock your body, flaunt your body - curves are beautiful. The sooner we girls stop comparing ourselves to others the happier we will be.

I don’t know who gave other women or men the right to judge us, if it is not their body why do they feel the need to fat shame or even point out our flaws? Why can’t the world be nicer? Why can’t instead of putting someone down you pay them a compliment? Think about how much of a better place the world would be!  I’ve always thought that if someone puts you down it just means they are lacking confidence themselves and are jealous- but even if that is the case how does that make you a better person and make you feel better? It doesn’t.  You could say the smallest bit of criticism to someone and it could play on their mind for years- they could become depressed because of you. So why do it?

We need to empower each other, complement each other, love our bodies and not listen to anyone who puts us down.

Be kind to one another.

Most importantly be confident and be happy!

Thanks for reading! xx


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