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A New Year, New Goals!

Hi everyone and thanks for reading! 2017 marks the start of a new year with new goals and more plans to better my fitness business!

On the 1st of January, my Toning and Sculpting 8 Week Challenge launched and the response has been wonderful. I’m overwhelmed with the number of clients up for the challenge and willing to give it a go. The feedback I’ve heard so far has exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy to have spent months of hard work making the latest edition to my programs a polished product.

As mentioned on Instagram and in the Toning and Sculpting product page, the concept came about after my wedding. After the bulk of my weight loss, I wanted to tone up and trim down certain areas of my body. I wanted to build muscle and I wanted to do something gym based.

With the guidance of my partner, we started training in our local gym focusing on weight training and plenty of routines I’d never done before. Over two months filled with researching, trial and error of different exercises, I had a weekly routine that was delivering real results.

At the same time, feedback from some lovely ladies around the world made it clear to me that my first program, the At Home Weight Loss Program wasn’t appealing to a large group of my audience. There was a significant number of potential clients that wanted to work on their fitness, but weren’t looking to lose any weight specifically.

They wanted the same things I did. To tone and sculpt their bodies, slimming done and building muscle the right way with the correct form and technique. With this in mind, it was inevitable that my next program would be gym-based, focusing on the above criteria.

What’s better, my latest program comes with a brand new modern appearance, improving from the first programs and their appeal. The new program features daily workouts with vast and diverse exercises for 6 days of the week, leaving one day to rest. Warm-ups are specific to each day, instructions are more detailed and the demonstration images are clearer. There are heaps of improvements!

Halfway into January and there’s another new product already! A handful of clients have asked me which out of the three programs to get and the answer can be somewhat long-winded… At the end of the day, I used and still use sections of all three programs. Chronologically the ideal journey would start with my At Home Weight Loss Program, followed by the Extended Meal plan and then building up to the Toning and Sculpting gym-based program. That’s how I did it anyway!

To help those in need of guidance with their journey to fitness and nutritional success, I’ve decided to offer ALL my programs in one Bundled Product that’s available for purchase here on my website. The best part is, if you purchase the Complete Weight Loss Guide you save $15 USD on ordering all three programs at once!

So, with more exciting things on the horizon, I’ll sign off from the blog for now and get back to working on my biggest passion, fitness and sharing it to the world!

Thank you for reading!


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